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This is where we play every Saturday morning during the indoor season.

Our Rocky Start...

About ten years ago, as naïve beginners, we entered a mixed doubles tournament. Our opening round opponents were Jerry, a man many years our senior, and his octogenarian female partner. Our singular goal was to hit some shots toward and over the net.

 They were experienced players.

No matter that the lady couldn't run; she set up camp at the net and killed all the drifting balls we lobbed in her direction. And Jerry’s returns were relentlessly unreachable. After the slaughter Jerry kindly offered us some playing tips and suggested lessons. Lessons and a decade of regular play have made us passable players.

Why we love it...

1. Competition

Rosemarie and I like competition! Some people eschew competitive activities, perhaps conflating the desire to win with hostility and aggression. We are peace loving people AND we love to win!

2.  Friendship

 Tennis has brought us a wealth of friendship.  There’s Kelly with her big heart, pirate’s curses, and debilitating outbreaks of laughter on the court; Gary’s pterodactyl shrieks when he misses a shot; and Martin bellowing “MARRRR-TIN!” when he flubs an easy one. There’s Patrick, Valerie, Jeff, Claire, Peter, Judy, Hugh, Lynn, Al, Andrew, Margaret, Kip, Sue, Rajesh, Stefan, Lioba, Josiah, Robert, Bill, Carmen, Caroline, Ian, Gabriel, Hanne, Ineke, Jeanne, Jeremy, Joan, Jim, Kyle, Mark, Michael, Penny, Rachel, Reg, Sheryl, Sid, Christie, Harry, Louise, Susanne, Terry, Tonya, and so many more!

3.  Our Wonderful Victoria Virtual Tennis Club - VVTC

We met most of our tennis friends through our amazing Victoria Virtual Tennis Club. We are “Virtual” in that we have no courts of our own. Instead, we play on Victoria’s great indoor and outdoor public courts.  Our website, http://vvtc.bc.ca/, is the hub of our tennis organization.  Check it out; it’s a marvel of accessible simplicity created by VVTC member and web wizard Mark Alldritt. Our VVTC “clubhouses” consist of the coffee shops we often gather at post-match and of each other’s homes (where we have great parties!)

VVTC membership is free and it’s is easy to sign up for on the website. We are over 200 strong and growing!

4.  Oh Yeah, and the Exercise Too

 Tennis keeps us active and fit even though it’s all fun and no work!

Alas, no Redemption

We’ve met scores of fine people across the net but, oddly, we never again played Jerry. Alas, there will be no redemption for Rosemarie and Tom from that geriatric schooling.

Lessons Anyone?

Please learn from our experience with Jerry and his partner; if you want to jump into tennis start with lessons. These three facilities offer fine beginner’s tennis lesson packages:


Side with the Winners


You may or may not choose to play tennis. Perhaps golf, baseball, hockey, ping pong, badminton, bocce, Scrabble, bungy jumping, channel-surfing, or (you name it) is your game.  But in life we all must occasionally take the Real Estate playing field. Rosemarie and her team bring years of experience and success to winning at this game. Please do your house selling and/or hunting friends a favour and put them onto Coach Rosemarie!


Thank you for reading this blog and for visiting our website! And remember this;


LOVE means nothing in tennis!



Here see the shiny new trash cans bullying the old, perfectly good, old trash can. The new grey guy is, in fact, eating the old guys lid!

Victoria residents will soon recall with fondness the days when garbage was collected weekly. Beginning in February we’ll only hear the hydraulic trash-truck squashing our rubbish on a by-monthly basis.


Garbage Eclipse!


In February we are having a rare GARBAGE ECLIPSE. Be warned neighbours, don’t sleep through this rare event! On our street the garbage truck will rumble by just ONCE in the whole month of February! Dear neighbours mark February 15th in your calendars and circle it in RED or you will be left holding your burgeoning bucket and bags until March!!! Cancel your Valentine’s Day party plans, you’ll need to spend that evening marshalling your two-week’s store of garbage!



Garbage Planning


Yes, garbage collection is now a planned event. Miss it and, BANG!, you’ll wind up contending with a month’s worth of it! I diligently went onto the City of Victoria’s web site, www.victoria.ca, and followed the handy front page  “Kitchen Scraps and Garbage: Collection Day Reminders” link to learn on which days my now (with stat holidays and all) bi-monthly collections days would fall. I carefully plotted these onto my Outlook calendar, adding generous reminder times. We’re prepared! Victoria will also help us remember. On their site (see above link) along with a wealth of information about the new collection system, they make this helpful offer:


"Sign up for text, email, voice mail, Twitter, or iCalendar collection day reminders.  A collection day reminder app will also be available in February.  View your Collection Schedule online to see when your first collection day is."


Brand New Cans & Kitchen Scrap Containers


To ease us into this new garbage planning regime we’ve had delivered to our doors new trash cans and, ta da! Kitchen scrap containers. All our food waste will go in the latter and, with that and all the host of recyclables we can now shuttle elsewhere, we should have a lot less garbage. That’s a good thing!


What can you make of GARBAGE?

For example: Grab A Real Big And Greasy Eel! Yeah, you can do better than that. We’ll give a real non-garbage prize to the best GARBAGE sentence. Enter by emailing the Rosie team at rosietherealtor@shaw.ca. You may, of course, write to us about anything (and/or comment on this blog).

Rosemarie is a great resource for your Real Estate needs, please do write her about that. She’d love to hear from you.



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